Sign Me Up

Sign Me Up

I signed up today
On this poetry site,
I looked elsewhere
I might as well write,
I have those things they called
a writer’s block.
So may this helps,
Maybe not.
This is not the first
I signed up.
I have those countless site
I signed up before.
But what more could I endure?
Sometimes I rhyme,
sometimes I don’t
But who really counts?
Maybe, my soul?
Or my boredom
Well, here I am
I’m writing this,
Why try now
So I please?!
Welcome me, my fellow
I am here for me
I am here for you?
But the you part, maybe…a maybe?
Ha ha ha
I have to stop.
I typed this down
on sign me up!

While I was browsing in the internet, i found this poetry site called, that collects poet and their written poetry. I know I suck at poetry, but hey, if boredom kills, poetry doesn’t. LOL 🙂

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