i come undone

i come undone
as life unfolds
as what i've told
i come undone
in the mercy of time
from here and there
to beyond i fear
from what i've heard
and what i've shared
you've twisted my truth
and smeared its essence
between the lines
what could have been
and should have been
and the things i've seen
prevails the truth within
i saw you in between your woes
i fought not to become your foe
but here comes you and your lies
i've seen it beneath your eyes
how good is it to remain so?
and to think of you as to trust you?
i come undone
beneath this exterior
a soul values truth to cure
lies i despise
truth i surmise
i let it sting
in your soul i hope
truth shall be told
the value i uphold
as my life unfolds