Planking Challenge: Day 1

To plank or not to plank.

My husband and I started to do this five-minute plank challenge. We started at the beginning of the month. But when we went on a two-day vacation, we fell behind. So it was forgotten. However, today… I decided I was going to do it.

And guess what … I did two sets of the 5-minute plank. Because you know why? I ate a lot of my mom’s food, and yesterday I enjoyed a glass of wine. And it’s loaded with carbohydrates. And God knows, I am a sucker for carbohydrates. That’s right. But here I am. I am determined to keep going.

I don’t really know if it helps me lose weight or such. But I will find out in 30 days. So this is the kick-off, the start of a 30-day challenge plank. Yay! My first post.

Here’s an excellent article to read for your planking challenge 101

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2. Thinking About Trying the Plank Challenge? Here’s What You Need to Know

Well, wish me good, and may the planking challenge stays with me.

And breath!

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