June 1, 2021

Dear Diary – Break It To Me Gently !

Entry 201

Today was the day I met the future mistress of my husband. She was walking slowly on a paved, cemented pathway at the back of residence inn. She had a curly, black hair. I was holding two bags of laundry. All dark. And I put the key card in between my teeth while walking toward the laundry area. As I was walking, I saw her approaching putting her both hands in her pocket. I wasn’t sure what her job description in the hotel was. She was wearing a scrub uniform like the one people wearing in the hospital, only dark navy blue. The air was eerie. Dry. Sad and depressing as I went past her. Just as I about to say “hello”, my heart says no. So the words never came out. I just smiled though as she was half smiling toward me. I could sense the feeing. It made me want to just run away and never want to see her face again. 

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